A nun and monkey walk into a bar...
2002-01-11 00:58:40 (UTC)

Ahhh High School :) Wish I could go back

So, Im reading around in some of these journal thingys and
it seems that they're all made by Ive
been out for 4 years! Although reading some of the HS
problems brings me right back. Ahh how I wish I could go
back sometimes. Back to when schooling and housing was
provided fer ya for the small price of hearing your parents
nag, not because thats their job but becasue they love you,
care about you, and want to see you do your best. Now my
problems consist of trying to come up with 15,000 for next
school year to finish my BA and then 34,000 a year for law
school for for years! I figure by the time im done i will
have about 188,000 in student loans if I do the law school
thing. EEEK . But, on the flip side, being a lawyer, Id
make enough money to pay those back, I think. And besides
Im worth it ...darn it!! But still, it would be nice to go
back to HS again. Except for the fact that I was 100lbs
overweight then....hmmmm maybe

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