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2002-01-11 00:33:58 (UTC)

Sick of being sick.

That's it! Im sick of being sick. Tired of being in pain
all the time.I spent most of the day in tears.
I went to the doctors yesterday and two docs said
that they think it may be my gall bladder. I called this
morning and made an ultra sound appointment for tomorrow
which was the soonest I could get in. I then went back in
today becase the pain was so bad I only got about an hour
of sleep total last night.....UGH. The third doctor, said
that he thinks it may be my gall bladder as well however,
It isnt life threatening at this point and can wait until
the bloodtests and ultrasound come back. All I want to do
at this point is sleep...grrrr.

What I dont understand is, why does this have to happen now
right at the beginning of the quarter when I'm trying to
get a good start. I got a 3.44 GPA last quarter and my goal
is to do better this quarter . If I really apply myself, I
think I amy be able to get a 3.75 or so. Ive never done
that well and would certianly like to give it a try :P.
I missed Theology of Word and Sacrament yesterday. Today I
missed Hermenutics and Public Speaking. Tomorrow I will
miss Prophets and Theology of the Triune God. I have
already talked to the professors, and have all the work
done so there will be no penalty luckily. I can't really
help missing though because of my ultra sound which is kind
of important. If it is my gall bladder they want to get it
before it gets any worse.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. I have my ultra sound
in Bellvue at 7:45 am, a follow up appointment with Dr.
Chen at 9:50, and then at noon I have to be downtown in the
U-District for a rap session with and Inn intern. Im sad
that I will be missing "Lost and Found" in concert at my
school. It s not often that a school of 130 students gets a
pretty big band in the Christian scene to come to school.
Ah, well.... Ive seen them twice already and I'm sure they
will be in the area again sometime in the future.

Im starting to attend the Inn again out at UPC. Its a
worship service for college-age students Tuesday nights at
9:30. Im also joining a Core Group through them. I want to
meet other people my age that dont go to my school to have
a Bible Study with. This is the perfect opportunity to do
so. I really need to get back to studying the Bible on a
more personal level and not just academic. I also need a
group to hold me accountable. And, its a good way to meet
new people, which is something I dont do often. Antoher
added bonus is that they're Christians.

The Global Concerns Commission is pulling things together
for Mission Emphesis Week. We finally have speakers for 4/5
days..... I We even have lunchrooms and the
auditorium reserved. Next week, we will have a planning
dinner or lunch of sorts where I will take them out so we
can plan the Chapels for the week and such. I need to find
out about the Misson Opportunities Fair and the Int'l
Student booths that have been done in the past. Im not sure
if I am in charge of them or if it is someone else. Taking
17.5 Credits doesnt leave much room for much else.

I didn't make it out to Echo Glenn last night due to being
sick. I miss my boys though and home to make it out next
week. Assuming nothing is wrong with my gall bladder, I

Work is going okay. I am still working in the housekeeping
dept and at From the Heart. Im supposed to work at FTH
tomorrow night, I hope I am able to. I miss working there
and then , sometimes I loathe I think I wont mind
too much this quarter as long as I stay on top of my school
work. So, far that doesn't look like it will be a problem,
except for the fact that all my major projects seem to be
due during Mission Emphesis Week... go figure!

Well, that's all from me for now. Time to get back to
watching "The Little Mermaid" LOL.

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