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2002-01-11 00:32:15 (UTC)

Welcome back Jamie!

Ok, I'm still in shock over the loss of Kurtis but when I
heard this morning that the Petes needed another overager to
replace him, I thought "Maybe they could get Jamie
Chamberlain back!" and low and behold... they did. Good. I
always liked him. I'll have no problems cheering for him
again. I mean, I'll still miss Kurtis- he was my favourite
player. But seeing as it's Jamie back, that might make the
adjustment a little bit easier.
Season finale of Survivor 3 is on tonight. Ethan is in
the final four. You know of course that it is him and only
him that I am cheering for. I don't want Lex to win- that's
for sure. That would be the Survivor version of Hell. No, I
love Ethan so much. More than Kim loved Colby last season.
Anyhoo I should go park myself in front of the TV to watch
my beautiful Ethan. Later.

Current mood: psyched
Current music: Petes' game

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