What a Life
2002-01-11 00:27:28 (UTC)

Crazy day!

I woke up this morning and realized once again how my
mother does not trust me for anything in the world a guy
friend (Paul) called me from school the night b4 i had
fell asleep ..but ohh did she ask 100 questions about
him!!! i cant even have a guy call my house now !! what
is that!! then i was off to a fun filled day of school ...i
didnt get to have a talk with David.(the friend in search
of a girl) The only thing i got to really talk to him about is
how neither of us had started our paper for British
literature!!!grrrr... then my car breaks!! to top it all off i
was off to work!! a DAYCARE filled with screaming
children that dont listen to a thing you say!! now im
home with a major headache and needless to say a
touch of depression!!!
*** Not the best day!!***