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2002-01-11 00:05:37 (UTC)


My GOodness what the hell is wrong with me???? I am like
freaking out like Jo Jo the crazy circus pet!!!!
AWWWWWWWWWW. . . .someone fix me, I think they snuck some
crack or caffinee into my water at work. HMMM....Maybe
the watch in Finch has crack in it or something because
after I go there I am always like super freaking out!!! MY
GOSH My one class is freaking crazy hard so I dropped that
like a bad habit. THen I picked one up but i have no idea
what it will be like. . . .OH WELL! I'll just take 12
credits if worst comes to worst.
Tonight is super fun Wayside night!!! Ashley can't come
but Rachel and I are super pumped. . .I mean I can barely
type. I wore my new red shirt though today and I got told
I looked HOT. . although some people claimed I looked like
a lil ho but we all know they were just jealous, hehe. Okay
so maybe it is a lil ho'y but i do look SUPER HOT!!! Let's
take a picture:) COME TO ME!!!!