I miss you
2002-01-10 23:50:16 (UTC)


As of now i am beating Chris 10-5. We played some last
night. He should only have 4 b/c he cheated on the last
round but he says he didn't (ha yeah) Let's see... what did
i do today... lets go through my day. Stat was as retarded
as ever. Sucks having a teacher right out of college. I
prefer the old geezer ones myself. 2nd and 3rd were as
usual. Talked shit to middleton as usual. 4th.. hmm...
spanish. Made me want to quit school as usual. 5th & 6th
were theatre so i didn't do a whole lot other than talk to
Ahmed and Carson. After school i just sat at rehearsal as
usual working the sound board and writing bocking (yawn)
oh! btw (sally stop reading this!! haha) ok...oh yeah!
Amir licked my shoulder and then blew on it. I thought i
would mention that for some reason.... Joe was
unusually nice to me today. Because I yelled at him
yesterday most likely. A tail between the legs type of
deal. Joe's good at that. he waited for me after about
every class and never once walked away from me. and its
weird because i'm just like grin and happy girl when he acts like
that. i have no will power for that boy. Well... I'm super tired.
i may write more for you later... haha i said you like
someone else is reading this. whatever. later!

**song for today**
'holly hox, forget me nots' by: Saves the day

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