What's up now?
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2002-01-10 23:35:01 (UTC)

Yea!! It's the WEEKEND!!!

It's THURSDAY!!! Except I'm not ringing it in in the usual
manner....My girlies are off to the Wayside, but I was up
till like 3:30 caughing like crazy, not being able to sleep
for more than 5 min before I would wake up in another
coughing instead I decided NOT to get all drunk
and stay out all night..instead I am going to spend time
with Michelle...I havent hung out with her in a while, so
it will be REALLY nice :) So the first week(2 days) of
classes are all over :) They are all hopefully going to be
really good, I havent had one yet, but it's just music so
it shouldnt be too bad!!! Not too much else has happened,
so I'm off to relax before my 9:00 meeting, and then I'll
be off for the night...