i guess this is what u want to read..
2002-01-10 23:27:30 (UTC)

thursday (neat band)

hello diary!...well today wasnt anything exciting..went to
school..for some reason i had a laugh in every class, it
made me feel good that i wasnt dissed or made fun of today.
it was really cool...in pd A we got a take home test..i
already did it.. i forgot my notes it kinda messed me up bc
i didnt remember everything..but other than that it was
easy..then in pd d (the hefts class) we took like 2 pages
of notes and that was boring..lol..and who wants to learn
about elements and chem.?..hahah i dont know about you but
not me!...and then i went home and did nothing. i was kinda
happy bc when i got home my dad wasnt here..haha...so i
could have done anything i wanted..but i didnt do anything
bad..hahah...im boring..then i got on the internet..(im
boring)..OH and i made a tee shirt..its of the 80 band THE
CURE..i just like them bc they had wild hair..:)...my dad
told me about the songs that sang so i dl.ed them..it was
pretty good music!..hahah..then i got some food and
ate..and them i went back on the net..hahah i really dont
have a life..people were yelling at me..about something i
said, but i told them to shut the f*** up..haha (there you
go mandy i stood up for myself again)...and right now its
6:23pm and i am vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvery bored..i really need
something to do or whatever...haha...maybe i should get a
job...hahah....nah!...hmmm well i think thats it about my
day today...hahah...welp byes

crush news: i talked to him today...(newest crush that
is).hehe..nothing big....in other news chris G..(old
crush)..looked super hot today!!!!!!

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