Figments of my Imagination
2002-01-10 23:04:43 (UTC)

Fun weekend with the churchies

Well I'm going to have a fun weekend at a chruch retreat.
Being Catholic and all, we have a thing called
confirmation. Its where you go through some final
preparations to help you venture out into the world of
adulthood in the church. Supposedly it prepares you
spiritually or something. Anyways, I'll have a great
time. I haven't really had problems with Catholics from
anywhere harassing me and judging me and telling me how to
live my life. They are pretty neat folks. I think I might
bring my guitar again or something to keep me preoccupied.
I never really enjoy the adoration/praise and worship
sessions on saturday nights, they get too stuffy. I
usually go outside and sit by myself somewhere and think
about stuff. last time rosie went and talked with me.
that was one of the best nights i've had in a long time.
It ranks right up there(but its not quite in the top 20).
I think school is the catalyst for most everyone's
depression. When i was out of school, I was happy as a
clam. but as soon as I came back I feel so shitty. I feel
like I have no reason to get up in the morning. I don't
even know what motivates me now. (I guess the weekend)
but the weekend is always so short lived. :-(

::Steps out of journal mode::
And this is the exact reason I have a this journal. I hate
wallowing about shit on and on and on and on in front of
people. What is the point? at least I have a place to
wallow... right here... *sigh*
::steps back in::

I'm going to film a skate video soon. It will be full of
all sorts of gratuitous remarks and gruesome fight scenes.
check me if you want a copy for 4 bucks.
peace out, ray wants to skate...