2001-04-13 08:34:40 (UTC)

Friday the 13th

Already it's been unlucky today. I got in a fight with
Jason a few hours ago and we are not talking. The problem
is that I am starting to have feelings for him. He is soo
cute and funny. Only, he can't control his um...naughty
mind. He wants me to do stuff for him and he expects me to
actually do it and then when I say that I wouldn't do it,
then he will say that he didn't think I would which is
flagrantly true. I hate him sometimes but I think that is
what makes him so appealing. I like guys I can fight
with. It gives him a certain edge. Tonite, he told me
that he had more than a crush on me and I was like "oh,
no!". He then continued to tell me that he loved me which
I believe is totally untrue. He has done nothing to prove
it. Same thing happened with Dennis. He couldn't prove
his love so therefore he lost me. I expressed my love for
him in everyway possible yet he couldn't take the time to
show me that he cared very deeply about me. I have just
now concluded that all guys are jerks and only want one
thing from me which is funny, considering I wouldn't give
them the time of day. LoL! I do miss Dennis though. I
spoke with him for one minute last night. He was asking me
about this girl Diana who is friends with Jill or was for
that matter. She is this skinny ass slut. I can't stand
her. Her disposition is disrespectful and flippant. All
that she deserves is a good smack across the face. I am so
happy that it is Easter Break. I am freeee!!! Thank God!
I am going to Montreal next week. I can't wait. It's
going to be soo cool. I am rooming with Sonia and some
other people we know but we don't know specifically who.
Anyway, I gotta remember to get a lot batteries for my
portable cd player. Onto about my day, I didn't really do
anything so moving on... Hopefully, Lesh will be able to
sleep over this weekend. I want her to see Serial
Experiments Lain. It is soooo cool. That reminds me that
I still need to pay Pam back for the tape. She is only
like the bestest. Anyway, I guess I should talk about the
Talent Show. To be blunt and blatant, it really sucked.
There were almost no people that could actually sing. Omg,
but Cheretta sang "Vision of Love" by Mariah Carey. She
was good and so was Carolyn but that was about it. I feel
for all those poor souls that got up there expecting to
sound good. I don't mean to be mean but they really did
sound bad. I should have been in the Talent Show this
year. They need better talent. Anyway, I have jumped from
subject to subject and am fully satisfied for tonite.