can't fight the moonlight...
2002-01-10 21:54:45 (UTC)

explanation (sorta)

so what i did last night was read and cry. real productive,
i know, but its what i needed. and it worked out okay,
because we didn't have english and i studied for history.
and i messed up, my math project is due tomorrow, not
today, which i knew last night but...anyways. so i'm going
to be a busy little girl tonight.
i was reading sleepers, which was probably a main reason i
was so 'blah' last night. i dunno what it is about that
book. okay, thats not true, i do. it gives me chills, makes
me cry and basicly just depresses me. okay, so i know
you're asking why do i read it? well, thats a good
question! i'm sick to death of romance novels, and thats
pretty much the opposite. its...for some reason this is
sounding so dumb and just not articulate. oh well. buh bye.

mood music: phantom of the opera

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