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2002-01-10 21:38:34 (UTC)


Well, I've been really busy with work and school lately.
I've been meaning to hit this thing up, but time hasn't
allowed me to. Okay, my classes have been going pretty
well. I have Mrs. Shaw, who is suppose to be the toughest
teacher at BHS, but she really isn't that bad. The only
thing about her class is that the work is not something to
look over and put off. You definitely have to be on top of
your game in her class. But other than that, it's cool. I'm
in the Literary Magazine class. We have to put together the
Rain Dance Review, which is a magazine of literary work
done by students at Baldwin. I like that class because it's
very small....only nine people...and we just do whatever in
there. But anyway, school is definitely in the mix right
now. It's cool though because I know it's going to go by
kind of fast. People are already into prom stuff. I sorta
have a situation though. I decided that I wanted to go to
the prom with LV, but Travis wants to go with me. Thing
with me going with LV is that I feel like everything isn't
going to be put together when prom time comes. Thing with
Travis is that.....there's not really anything with him. I
mean, I would go with him, but then again I wouldn't. I
don't know why Travis still has this thing for me. I don't
think he likes me or anything, but he always wants me
around in the mix with him. I just don't think I would look
right with Travis though. There is a tiny, itty, bitty,
little part of me that wants to ask Leroy, but I doubt I
will because I know he'll be busy. THEN there is
Brian....the boy from GMC. Okay, he saw my hickie :( I
feel bad now because although he says there is no love
lost, I know things are in a different perspective for him.
I know he's still here, but I wonder if it's for the wrong
reasons. I told him the situation, well, it wasn't the
truth....but it was enough for him to hear. He says he
still wants to see me and I definitely still want to see
him. I do like him as far as I know. I still have to take
time out to get to know him more. I don't know what to
expect from him. He is really nonchalant and I don't know
how he sees me or whatever. Last nite, we were in the
Zaxbys parking lot after I got off of work talking, and he
was looking at this prom book I had with me. Well, out of
the blue he just said, "I would love to go to the prom with
you." :o I was very shocked to hear him say that. Me
being the person that I am though, was like, "Well, I
didn't ask you to go with me!" I was trying to be
funny, but I think he took me seriously. Don't really know.
Like I said, he still wants to see me. After talking to a
couple of people about the situation, they said that I
still have a chance. Jacan said the situation is messed up,
but I'm still in. I know I shouldn't worry because it's
like he's here or he's not....I know I can get whomever I
feel. (Oh yeah, Rashad Johnson Project in effect!!!! More
details later!) But I will have to see what goes on with
Brian. I might go see him after I get off tonite and see
what's up. Gotta jet.....smooches-xoxoxo

Adamantly yours, *MS. JLYN*