just a normal life
2002-01-10 21:32:44 (UTC)


Hey! ooops i have had this for a while and i kinda forgot
aobut it until i got an email today so i'ma start tryin to
remember and write in this! ok well first of all stupid J!
lol well there wasn't much wrong with him other than it
kinda annoyed me that he was always like wat r u wearing
and wat do u look like and how much do u weigh and all
those questions ya know and it bugged me that he got so mad
at my friend Julianne cuz she jokes around alot but he
didn't know her well enought i guess to realize that shes
just messing with him cuz like we always joke around and
call each other names and don't think nething of it but hes
like too serious. Newayzz Ju and mandy told him that we all
thought that he was really annoying and we were talkin
about it and i was like gosh i feel really kinda bad so i
tried to apologize to him but he wouldn't accept my apology
which does kinda suck becuz he really was a pretty nice guy
and a good friend who was there for ya to give ya advice
and wat not. Ok but then so thats kinda bad and i don't
really know wat to do about that cuz i mean i just don't
want him to be like mad or sad or nething like that. Ok so
second guy thing...this is actually kinda good but kidna
not... Ok well this guy that my friend is goin out with was
talkin to me today and hes like guess wat holmes just broke
up with his gurlfriend and he thinks ur hot. I was like ok
but see i used to kinda like him and all but i guess i
don't talk to him that much and i know this is bad but i
sorta llike his friend but i don't talk to him that much
either but watever it doesn't matter that much i guess cuz
i will prolly never go out with ne of them cuz i'm like not
capable of getting a boyfriend...or at least on that lasts
like more than 2 or 3 weeks! But o well its all good i
guess! ok well tonight i'm goin to a wrestling match! lol
so i'll ttyl! bye n Godbless!

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