2002-01-10 21:23:47 (UTC)

Jan 10 02

I guess it's been a while since I've written anything in
here so I may as well do that now, since my computer nazi
brother isn't home to demand control of the computer grrrrr
Anyways, I'm still with my boyfriend, and no less confused,
but I'm not feeling quite so stressed anymore. I think, in
light of the situation it is normal to be confused, and
taking some time to figure out what's what is alright. I
just don't want to do that same thing my ex did to me,
leading me on for a very long time, relatively... so I have
to be careful about that.
School is going alright. I found out that I did better in
some courses than I expected. I expected a B in
Anthropology but I got an A. I expected like, a C or
something in Sociological Theory (for the first part of a
two semester course) but I got an A. I dont know how the
hell that happened. I got a B in Crime and Deviance, which
is about what I expected, and a B in my research course
which is good considering that my major assignment, worth
25% of my final mark, was an absolute train wreck. So my
GPA hasn't really slipped as much as I thought it was going
to. Not that GPA really makes a big difference, but it
helps you get into courses that are full. :P
My courses this semester seem more interesting than the
ones last semester so that's pretty good too. My life is
getting more and more boring, and I've started reading
things. Like, things I don't HAVE to read... I stole my
little sister's Harry Potter book even. And, I'm even
reading my TEXTBOOKS which is a huge shock, and I don't
expect that trend to continue for much longer. I read two
books last week which is more than I've read in a long
time. This summer I read a biography of a Saudi Princess
which was pretty interesting. I had also bought a book at
the Airport when I went to Vancouver this summer, but it
was about terrorists, so the next time I was on a plane
(first week of October i think) i was DEFINITELY not in the
mood to read about a terrorist. Not that anyone would
really be too interested in doing anything to a flight to
Saskatoon. But still, it wasn't good reading material. I
finally finished it last week. It was an ok book i guess,
but not worth what I paid for it.
I think the reason I've been reading so much lately is just
to avoid thinking about stressful things like this really
wierd boyfriend situation I have going on. I don't know but
I guess it can't hurt me at all to be a little bit literate
for a change. And it's definitely cheaper than some other
things I do to pass my time. Oh well.
That's really all I have to say ...