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2002-01-10 20:34:05 (UTC)

Stayed home 2day

Yesterday I felt miserable. Its weird how a cold can run
you up a wall. I was up alot during the night looking for
my tissues, It was SO annoying. Today my mom woke me up,
gave me pills, and said I could stay home. I woke up at 7
and talked to Oliver before he went to school. Hopefully
his day went well and everything is going good for him. For
most of the day I layed in bed w/ Madison and slept on and
off. My mom brought me dunkin donuts and we watched T.V.
I hoped I could read some more of my book but I really did
absolutely nothing. Im reading ANGELA'S ASH'S. Im only on
page 165. Right now Im watching The Fifth wheel and
waiting for Oliver. I hope we get to talk tonight. My mom
is comming home after work which sucks royally. Tonight I
am ganna watch the final of the Survivor. Its 3 hours long.

Thank god tommrow is Friday.