Thee Sandman

Thee Sandman
2002-01-10 20:17:44 (UTC)

01.10.02 Dream

Well, it has been a while since i had a good dream, or at
least one that i remember. Last night I wasnt feeling well,
(still not, and have stayed home from work), so i took some
Thera-flu, nasty stuff. So, i had a doozy of a dream last
There was lots of trees and I was being chased, but i
wasnt alone. Others were with me, being chased also. We
went down thru a ravine. The people i was with were a tribe
of some sort. We were on some sort of underground railroad
to get us out, but we were found out and so we had to run.
We were being chased by inteleigent ape-like beings.
Yes, like Planet of the apes, humans being hunted, enslaved.
But i wasnt from this reality, i knew it and so did the
other humans that i was running with. some how I was different.
We came to the bottom of the ravine and found some sort
of a structure, (hazy), we got in and there was alot of
pipes and machinery. It was a HUGE underground structure.
But we were still being chased and there was less of us
humans then there was when we were first discovered. We
dicided to get as high up in the machiery as possible,
trying to get into the super structure of this labyrinth as
we could. we eventually got to the top, with a low ceiling.
there was maybe 5 of us left. The far end has a barrier,
lasers going across. We didnt have anything to get thru,
the lasers would cut us clean thru. Then the "apes", (i
have to put quotes there, because they were no longer apes,
they looked human, but they were still different from us,
not physically, but there was still a difference) found us
and were shooting at us with laser guns. We were really
stuck and they would cut us down quick if we didnt get out
of there. I drew their fire and places myself by the laser
emitters, when they shot at me they hit one of the sets of
lasers and fried it. We all ran thru, there was a black,
human woman on the other side who helped us, she was very
beutiful. She reset the laser and we got away.
We waited somewhere, then caught a ride with some
helpful humans in a truck, they took us as far as the dared
without being caught. we were trying to get to the
badlands. A place where the "apes" wouldnt go. When we got
to the end of the road there was a huge mansion. We hid, it
was very desert like, rocky, barren. the young "apes" were
out riding something like ATV's on the valley floor, we had
to be real qiet and not show ourselves unless they found us.
We snuck into the house, the other servants were part
of the underground railroad. the filtered people into the
Badlands. We were to blend in with the help. the "Apes"
that owen the mansion were an elderly couple and somewhat
senial. They didnt recognized some of us, but never said
They had a party that evening. The young ATV riders
were there and so were alot of old "Apes". We served them,
but the "Apes" that were origanlly chasing us came into the
party. the others jus acted like help, but they had to
hide me. The were bench seats in the side area of their
living room. I opened one up, and jumped inside. covered
myself with the clothes and the blanket that was in there.
To find me, they would have to really dig. they searched
the house, but never found anybody, even though we were al
right under their noses. When they left they said thast
they had to get ME out of there and fast. The others could
hide as their help, but i would be too recognizable.
About then i looked over and the old woman wasnt moving.
She had a relaxed look on her face. i went to her and
called her Grandmother, questioningly, she didnt wake. She
had passed. I held her and cried, the other old woman there
also cried. I dont think they had ever seen a human cry for
an "ape" before. somehow i knew that she knew what was
going on in her house. The others told me that i had to
leave, now. They got me out of the house and into the bad
Prolog: It was a very long dream and sometimes i would
wake up, but when i went back to sleep it would pickup
where it left off.