ShellyWebster vX

2001-04-13 05:51:50 (UTC)

April 13 2001

Well it's the morning of Friday the 13th. I'm really sick,
but I think it's just allergies. I don't have school today
which is why I am up so late. I just got a reminder that I
haven't written in a while so I decided to come and write a
little something about what I've been going through for the
past few days.
I started school again Monday. Third semester finally!
All our work this semester is on the computer so no more
messy artwork to worry about. I really think I'm going to
enjoy this semester, especially the LightWave 3D program.
It's complex, but awesome.
Ugh, well I wanted to write more, but I really feel like
crap, so I'll write more soon. See ya!

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