Laura's Life
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2002-01-10 20:07:42 (UTC)

It's so tempting

This really popular, sexy guy just asked me out..and even
after I said no he promised he would never give up. I'm
trying really hard to remain faithful to Mikey(b/f for 3
yrs)especially since he's been taking me for granted
lately. I just don't know. I've always had a huge crush on
this other guy, he's just so different though than most of
the guys that are attracted to me...he's so aggressive and
persistent. He kept saying he likes a challenge and he
won't give up..and he knows what I want..and all this other
stuff..then he's like..I always get what I want. It's kinda
scary, b/c like I said..I'm not used to a guy so
aggressive. Mikey is so passive and doesn't even know what
he wants half the time..this guy has got most of his life
planned out..I dunno..he also seems like the type of guy
looking for an easy screw..but..
I don'ot know..he hasn't said anything else to me so maybe
it was just a one time thing..I guess I'll find out
eventually huh?

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