Thoughts from Blue Angel
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2002-01-10 19:51:01 (UTC)

Best Friends to a College Dieter

The way to lose weight? Eat healthier. Duh! Everyone
knows that. If you think it's hard as an adult or even in
high school, try it in college! It's nearly impossible.

There are reasons why everyone gains the freshman fifteen-
fattening dorm food, late night pizza, study snacks, and
lots of alcohol.

Everyone has this idea that you have to eat weird and nasty
food to lose weight. Well, it doesn't go that way. I'm
glad, because weird and nasty wouldn't fit well into the
college scene.

I'm writing this both for myself to look back on and for
anyone else that happens to be reading. Hope it helps!

Animal crackers are the best! I bought a HUGE bag at Wal-
Mart for like $2. They are my indulgence food. I let
myself have unlimited animal crackers whenever I want
them. They're low in fat, and they really make you feel
full after a few. Of course, I dunk them in skim milk.

Diet Coke is the most awesome stuff on the face of the
earth. Yeah, yeah, soda is bad for you whether it's diet
or not... I know that. But there are very few people who
can give up soda altogether. (If you are one of those
people, I admire you!) So, if I don't want to give it up,
switching to diet is better than sticking with the

Reduced Calorie and Reduced Fat or Fat Free foods are not
always good. I wouldn't buy something just because it said
reduced something or other. However, little differences
add up. If I'm going to buy something anyway and there's a
reduced version, I'll buy that. For instance, I love Pop
Tarts. But they are SO fattening. So I get the reduced
fat ones. They still are by no means good for you, but
they aren't as bad as the regular ones. Same goes for
Wheat Thins. Those things are awesome. Even the reduced
fat ones are bad, but they're better than the originals.
The key is not to eat more just because it's supposedly

It's always good to have things every once in a while that
make you feel like you're cheating. Fat free ice cream...
yummy stuff. I wouldn't be good to eat it constantly, but
it will serve to fill that ice cream craving every once in
a while. (If you can find the right kind... some of it is
pretty nasty. If you end up with a bad kind the first
time, try another one!) Healthy Choice or Smart Ones
Pizzas are also really good. They're kind of expensive,
but well worth the occassional splurge.

Baked Lays or Baked Tostitos and Salsa make great snacks.
Popcorn is good, but not the regular microwave stuff. Too
much salt and butter. I'm not really into the overly
buttery taste anyway, so I always get the light butter
kind. Why ruin popcorn with all that nasty oily shit?

A lot of colleges are becoming more health smart. My
college offers veggie burgers in the line that serves
hamburgers and fries, ect. I haven't tried them yet, but
I'm sure I'll be doing that soon! If you don't have that
option, go for grilled chicken if you can. From now on,
I'm definitely going to pass on the fries.

I'm lucky enough to go to a school that serves a variety of
different foods in different places around the campus.
Since I've decided to lose weight, I've been eating a lot
at the hall which serves deli sandwiches and salads. Lots
of yummy food and not a lot of fat.

I keep wheat bread, lowfat swiss cheese, and turkey breast
in my room and eat sandwiches when I don't feel like
leaving the room. The turkey is like 20 cals and less than
a half gram of fat a slice. I also keep some honey mustard
to go on it. It's got like 15 calories and no fat. WAY
better than icky fattening mayo!

It's always good to have some kind of fruit, yogurt, or
something else yummy and TRULY healthy to eat when you're
hungry. Thirsty? Drink water, skim milk, or juice when
you can. (Just don't go overboard with the juice. They
might be extremely healthy calories, but they're still

Basically, just change little things like these, and you'll
be surprised how natural they become with time.