Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2002-01-10 19:06:38 (UTC)


Free speech?! What free speech. This is regarding the K! board post.

Basically many things suck. I've started cutting again and
school is getting me down but I don't want to talk a boiut
it at the moment. If I can be bothered later, or another
day...I will.

Okies, on the K! board, people were bashing me for saying
this...about the Feeder drummer who hung himself
"Jesus! Another one of my masterpiece posts ignored. Damn
Feeder. There's about two million posts dedicated to him. I
didn't even knew he EXISTED, I don't like Feeder and I
didn't know the guy. So?"
Ok, I wrote something and put it up, but there whole thing
was flooded with "we'll miss you" to a dead guy and, blah,
blah and I was only joking, you know. No one even noticed
it then everyone got really touchy with me and my friend
just said this...

"Hum. I think anyone should be able to voice their opinion
without fear.
You know what I think was stupid? The media asking all
those celebrities and stuff what they thought about the
Twin Towers thing... I mean, what are they meant to say?
ONE guy said something contrary to others and EVERYBODY
blasted him right away.

Free speech is always gonna be just out of reach... and it
sucks. But that's just what I think

Oh and I'm still with MM on this... back off people, give
people the opportunity of 'Free Speech' you're all so
rightous about."

I mean how true is this!!

I don't want you all bullshitting this, it's one of my more
ahem *serious* threads. I guess you'll all ignore this