Life of a rockstar....NOT!
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2002-01-10 18:50:34 (UTC)


Hey all! I'm home, but I'm like completely burnt out. I got
out of school early today because I have a fifth hour study
hall so I got to come home when I would be taking that
final. I just got off the phone with Zack, he's gunna call
me back after he calls Lindy's...he wants to get a job
there, but yah, I took my biology final today, which
completely sucked ass! Like hardly anything I studied was
on there, but I still managed to get an 86, ugh, i really
wanted an A. But ya, I guess I'll just get two a minuses on
my report card, which means I won't be the top of thhe
class. Oh well, life goes on, theres still three more
years. lol. My dad is pissing me off so much. He said he
was just gunna drop me off at home, and now he is like
hanging out with me and asking me all these questions about
my grades and stuff, he didnt realize how burnt out i was,
until I told him I didnt wanna talk anymore. lol. I just
hope that he leaves soon so that i can blast the music cuz
then everything will just be all better. Ill be back later

Love ya'll and Godbless!