a watercolour stain
2002-01-10 18:30:44 (UTC)

sore throats are awful

ugh, i feel like shit. my throat feels terrible, i have a
hacking cough and i ache all over. and yet i just can't
quit with the marlboros. plus there's a sinkful of dirty
dishes. i came to an ugly realization last night. i am
living someone else's life. who am i and how did it come
to this?? why am i here, playing wifey, getting all the
bullshit and none of the benefits? seriously. who am i??
i don't even dress like ME anymore. where did i go wrong?
i miss my family terribly, and that's something i never
thought i'd say. and right now i can't even call home
because isaac forgot to pay the phone bill so we have no
long distance. my brain aches. off to ponder things and
nap on the couch.....

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