Inside my mind
2002-01-10 18:08:58 (UTC)

Just another lame day...

Welp, there's nothing too excitting about my day so far.
It's only 1:00 so who know's what'll happen. All I know is
that if I don't get tot alk to Josh b/4 he leaves tomorrow
I'm gonna be very pissed, b/c I haven't talked to him since
last Friday-n-haven't seen him since like Christmas Eve.
Kinda sux b/c I won't get to c or talk to him at all this
weekend b/c he's goin to rehab tomorrow sometime. I just
wish he'd quit drinking so much,n realize how bad it can
hurt him. I really care about him n don't want to lose him.
Just on November 22nd, 2000 I lost my cousin. He died of a
severe heart attack when he was sleeping at one of his
friend's house. No body found him until 5-6 hours after he
died. And I really don't want to lose Josh, b/c of
alcoholism. Any ways I'm outty b/4 I get too mushy, plus
the bell's gonna ring for me to go to Study Hall. Lotsa fun
lemme tell ya...not. Later