I Debbie...
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2001-04-13 05:20:46 (UTC)


It's my life and now and never.....I aint gonna live
forever............ahhhhhhhhhhGosh I Love Bon Jovi . If I
ever am able to get my life back I will crank my volume up
and wail on the lyrics. I miss my POFive tape and my BJVi
tapes. I miss going down the road and being able to pick out
the tape from the sleeve of my car......Bruce Willis and
Bon Jovi and Poison And All The Others..Being Repossesed is
a quick fix but the game has just bagun. But the song
continues. Sometimes in my mind I cannn still recall the
image of me going down the road reching for my tape and
pluging it into the mouth to hear the words you always
wanted to hear....from the mouth of the most awesome
rockstar ever born..........or even coutry or
gospel..............out of my soul and into my heart or
braii n...take your pick baby. And I Debbie

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