The Shadow of Myself
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2002-01-10 17:16:21 (UTC)

the difference between today and yesterday...

It's gotta be the little things that keep you sane. The
small things that people do... enjoying sunsets or
sunrises.. just looking out the window and watching the
world.. smiling at someone. Thats what does it.. thats how
everything that I think about doesn't overtake me. I let
myself enjoy the simple things.

You know.. I'm still scared to say anything. I think it's
b/c deep down I'm worried to mess up something that appears
so flawless. I would say that knowing that the other
person knows without out you saying ANYTHING is a huge
relief. No matter what happens and how this all ends up is
insignificant to me right now. All that I care about at
this moment is that what I know and how I feel makes me
smile. Knowing that I don't have to pretend that I'm not
feeling something I am.. is great.

Being here.. and not caring just going with it.. whatever
it is... well it's incredible. I suppose that the biggest
difference between today and yesterday for me is that I'm
not faking myself out today. Maybe nobody really
understands what is going on... but maybe that doesn't
matter b/c who ever really knows anything. I don't need to
explain anything.. b/c the person who needs to know the
most already knows.

Here we go.. where ever we end up.. well.. it's gonna be it.