Life according to Luvie..
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2002-01-10 16:55:38 (UTC)

Better Now

Dear Diary,
Well Charlie did hurt me, but we made up. HE came over to
my house on Tuesday. But Asshole, my stepdad, was upset. So
that was kinda mean. I mean he didn't say hi to Charlie at
all. I really really love Charlie. I mean my feels for him
are stronger than the ones I had for Eddie. I don't know.

Church was cool yesterday. They said I was a butterfly in
transformation. It means something. It has to do with me
and Charlie moving to the next level. I don't know. I am
still doubtful. All I know is I will be sixteen on Monday.

I saw Princess before walking to class today. I love her
tooooooo!!! LOL! I better get going since I am in school
and all.
Love always,