Pure Belligerence
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2001-04-13 04:52:58 (UTC)

*Amy: bruised battered and beaten*

ahhh, its the weirdest thing.... i have tons of bruises on
my arms. I dont know why, i havent banged myself or
anything. But the just keep showing up.... for the past
two days. I think i remember from 8th grade health this is
an effect from lack of some vitamin or mineral or
something? Could this have to do with the fact that i
hardly ever eat meat? If anyone knows tell me in the
feedback. I told my mom about it but she didnt seem too
concerned. Oh well. My arms just feel kind of fragile
like im gonna break my bones with a little bump. This
could have to do with the fact that iv been sick right?
Tonight starts my spring break. Yeah, im so happy happy
happy. My last class today, forensics, was quite
interesting. Today heather, the other prof., went over
narcotics and such. This dude sean whos usually semi quite
was telling heather some stuff she acctually didnt know,
which was funny. He was a little chatter box full of info
which had us all wondering what kind of drug person he
was. I have no doubt he does stuff but now im thinking he
must make his own to know so much, he knew how to make it,
smoke it, and the potency. goodness, here in new milford,
who woulda thought. (but he does have a ny accent so i

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