once again
2002-01-10 16:30:06 (UTC)

should've listened

A little over a year ago, I met Amica. When I met her, my
original best friend started going through some shit with
her, and Angel told me that she would lie to me and use
me. I told Angel she was full of shit. Now, a year later
when she moved here to live with me and brought my
boyfriend with her, she did all that. She left the day
after Christmas to goto Florida to "fix things". Only she
got herself a cute little job and working now. This was
the place she told me a week after being there she turned
down becuase she was coming back. Now she's in debt jsut
like me, and on the verge of loosingher apartment because
she hasn't paid the rent in a month, hasn't made a car
payment, and has no furniture. But she couldn't just
say...I have someproblems I can't come back I have no money
to, let me get a job here and get the money. Instead some
one I trusted Lied to me and I should've listened to
Angel. Essentially I lied for her when I told my sister
the bullshit excuse why she was coming here. Let's also
not forget how I lied about Rick and said I knew. She
doesn't care. If she did when she was here she wouldv'e
styed home everynight with her mono instead of staying out
intil 5 am and waking up the whole house with the alarm.
THat's not repsect and that makes me look like an asshole.
Then Tim comes to get here on Christmas and she stays out
all night with him. That really makes her look like a
peice of shit and all I get is some friend. So in the end I
ve learned a valuable lesson from all of this. When
someone tells you something...take caution becuase people
warn you becuae they love you...not to be a bitch. And
don't take peoples fake facad and the whole world...through
it back in their face and let them know they are nothing
but liars. She's lied to her family, mine and me. she's
lied to both of her boyfriends and used to lie to her ex-
fiancee. Now look at the repetativeness here...everything
is her ex or old. Wouldn't you want to keep a current?