writings on the wall
2002-01-10 16:16:04 (UTC)

another 1-night-stand in store for me?

did I tell you that Louis' friend whom I met before
called me the other day? His name is Chris and he's an
Indian,25 years old and have a fiance. I find him
attractive and I told Louis so. I always have this thing
for Indian guys which I can't explain. Maybe it's their
skin colour or the way they look. I think among all the 3
races, the Indians are the most perfect.

i was really suprised when he told me who he was and
i was seriously wondering if he wants to help Louis out.
he told me that he found my num in a paper an thought that
he'll just call to say hi. i believed him, until yesterday
when i met Louis online. actually, i didn't say much to
Chris the other day and i told him straight thati am bad
at phone conversations. i really wonder if he thinks that
i am not into him then.

Louis told me last night that Chris is feeling like
having a one-night-stand and he thought of doing it with
me! i was like "huh?" i mean, since when do i cater for
one-night-stands? i can't deny that i have been toying
with the idea of fucking Chris but i think it'ss kinida
weird for me to fuck a friend of a guy i have fucked
before. it's almost like having a r'ship with your ex's
best friend. i asked Louis if he'd mind if i wanna have
sex with Chris and he said no, but I do!

I really wonder how does it feel to have Chris's
cock inside me. They say that Indian havebig cocks, will I
ever get to find out the truth?