The Boy Looked At Johnny
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2002-01-10 16:00:30 (UTC)

These days

Oh, right..."The Royal Tennenbaums."

That certainly bears a mention, as I've been awaiting it's
arrival in theaters since I floated out of "Rushmore" in
1999, completely and hopelessly in love with the whole

This will sound either trite or melodramatic,
but "Rushmore" was a movie I really just feel in love with.
That's the only way to describe the feeling. Very few other
pop cultural experiences rival it: seeing Sleater-Kinney in
concert for the first time, maybe. But almost nothing else
has hit me so hard and so immediately. So "Royal
Tennenbaums" was anxiously awaited.

Of course nothing can live up to that hype. So did I
enjoy "RT" as much as "Rushmore"? Of course not! But did I
enjoy it, and enjoy it thoroughly? Of course I did. I've
seen it twice, and realize I need to see it many, many more
to absorb the whole experience. It's an incredibly dense
film. So yes, it was great.

I was shocked, incidentally, to see so many other people
felt the same way about the whole "Rushmore"/Wes Anderson
experience. The first night I went, opening night, the
theater was PACKED with almost every indie-rockin' sumbitch
I recognized from around town. I knew there was allegedly a
cult of "Rushmore," but I had no idea I was part of such a