writings on the wall
2002-01-10 15:59:34 (UTC)

1-night-stand(or is it 2?)

so i finally did have sex with Louis. actually, i
didn't feel like doing it with him, mainly because he's
kinda unattractive but a promise is a promise right? so i
stayed at his place for nights and he was kind to me. why
is it that guys you don't like are so good to you while
the guys you love treats you like shit?

the sex was okay.i must admit that it has been quite
awhile since i last had sex. i remembered there was this
one night at his place when i cried in bed because he
mentioned bout my ex. i also remembered that everytime he
asked me if i want to havesex, i'd say no but he ended up
on top of me anyway. he told me later that he rea
somewhere thata girl's no means yes. what kinda shit is

i remembered the first time, it was painful and sore
for me because he had difficulty cuming. i felt bad and
kept thinking if it was my fault. then he told me thathe
put some stuff on his penis to make the sex last longer.
damnit! i was so dry after so much "in-n-out" action that
i begged him to stop. he doesn't even know how to get a
woman wet and i have to teach him!

then we had sex again the next morning. i think
throughout the 2 nights, we fucked for about 5 times or
so. i remembered him saying that i suck in blowjobs (of
course that's not how he put it) because he can feel my
teeth on his penis. about his penis. it's kinda big in
diameter but short in length. hell, nobody is perfect