The Boy Looked At Johnny
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2002-01-10 15:47:28 (UTC)

It's just a kiss away

Back at U of L. Typical set-up, too: I didn't bother to
register with classes until pretty late, so nothing was
open. So again, no painting class. I tried to get in this
morning, but to no avail. At this rate, my last two or
three semesters here are almost certainly going to be
nothing but studio classes.

It all feels so worthless, though. I can't get excited
about going to school here. I just don't care, really.

This weekend I'll be starting my move to 106 S. Birchwood
with the Javiers. Aerie will be moving into my old place,
but not through official channels. The rent will still be
under my name, so it won't go up for her, and she won't
have to sign a lease. She shouldn't be at 1001 for long. I
don't know how anyone could stand to live in that shithole
for more than two years. It's just too small and dirty and
creepy creepy creepy.

Katie's senior show is coming up this Friday. I'm going to
pick up Ellena in Cincinnati beforehand, and then drive her
back later that night, as she doesn't have a car. I think
it's important that Ellena be there. This is a big deal for
Katie, and as well it should be.

I met a girl through the store recently, and later saw her
out on two other unrelated occasions: the MaeKates show and
down at Health and Harvest, where she works. She's very
cute and seems friendly, plus she's an artist. I think I'll
ask her out to dinner at Thai Siam, right in the middle of
our little Bardstown Road strip mall. Soon, I hope.