A Deeper Kind of Slumber
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2002-01-10 15:32:01 (UTC)

First Submission (Again)

For me... this diary will be, of course, a place to lodge
my thoughts, but, also a place i think i will begin posting
my poetry and such... I must admit im not exceptional, but
it expresses feelings... and thats what a diary's for, no?

For one thing,... i hate keeping journals/diaries... i
always forget or lose interrest in them... i dont know.
But the reason i'm writing here, is... well.. i dont know,
i thought i'd give it a try ^_~

And so... here is my introduction.

Name - Barbara Eliabeth Wenner

D.O.B - 6.10.83

Haircolour/length - (currently) almost my natural blonde
(which is sort of a dirty/golden blonde colour) but with a
coppery tint (i dyed it burgandy in September but it faded
out in like two weeks...) For length...
right now... it's at my lower back/waist.

Eyecolour - Hazel. Green and amber

Favourite Movies/Anime Movies - Quills, Equus, Interview
With The Vampire, American History X, Apt Pupil, Stigmata
(eventhough it wasnt all too good.. i dunno,... i just like
it! :), hrm..... Gladiator, BraveHeart, Robin Hood: Prince
of Thieves, Seven, Crimson Tide, Crouching Tiger, Hidden
Dragon, Psycho (original), The Matrix, The StarWars films,
and anything Monty Python (The Meaning Of Life (fav there).

For Anime Movies(americanised titles) its Laputa: Castle
in the Sky (awesome soundtrack too!), Mononoke Hime, Ninja
Scroll, Vampyre Hunter D, Vampyre Hunter D : Bloodlust,
Perfect Blue, Twilight of the DarkMaster, and a bunch of
others, but my list is getting way too long.

Anime Series Favorites include Vampyre Princess Miyu(OAV &
Series), Nightwalker : Midnight Detective, Record Of lodoss
War (OAV and series), Fushigi Yugi, BubbleGum Crisis: Tokyo
2040, Ah, My Goddess(OAV), Master of Mosquiton, Those Who
Hunt Elves, Wedding Peach, Kare Kano, Fancy LaLa, and so
many more, but I'm tired :P

Music Preferances - If i'm in the right mood, ill listen to
almost anything... excepting Rap (thats not music!!!) and
country (too boring and whiney(wharbley))
I've a great appreciation for classical music, and medieval
ballads/canticles. but my main interrests lie in
Gothic/Doom rock/metal, black metal, Jpop, Kpop, Cpop,
Krock, and Jrock with some Alt. rock and techno-industrial

some bands include Blind Guardian, Testament, Moonspell,
Type O Negative, Paradise Lost, Sameal, Anathema, Bush,
Theatre of Tragedy, The Doors, Simon & Garfunkel, Metallica
(R.I.P.(teardrop)), and lots more that Í can't remember
cause I'm in a rush :P

bwahahaha waay long ^_^.
I think I'm done for now then -takes a deep breath-
God, i suck .