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2002-01-10 14:40:04 (UTC)


Wednesday nights are fun times! Well sort of
anyhow....When Elizabeth got home I tried to help her with
her geography homework. WHich is really stupid and
annoying I might add but we did finally figure it out and
get it all right! After which I went over to Ashley and
Rachel to take some more first day of school pictures and
show Rachel my new PICTURES. . soon to be posted if
possible! Rachel's hair was feeling the need to be turned
back to red so we jumped on that and once again she is a
beautiful Red Head:) Then a few of us hung out for a
while, which was quite pleasant. Eventually I made it back
to my dorm around 1:00am and then I was off to bed by 1:30
or so. Up around 7:30am to go get sexy at the SAC. . .Poor
Ashley couldn't come with me because she is all coughy:(
DO you want to go get some medicine baby? I'll take you:)
Now I'm all sexy in my new shirt, Mel B would just love it!!