Visions Of Life
2002-01-10 14:34:20 (UTC)

Sudden Death By SnowPlow + Spray Frosting, Its A Girl Thing

I went grocery shopping today and was almost attacked by a
psycho with a snowplow.. lol.. He was in the parkinglot
going 50 while spinning around and plowing away... lol..

Spray Frosting.. Yum.. Havnt eaten straight frosting in a
long time.. All the girls I know crave frosting during their
period.. Its like some sort of craving we are given at
birth.. lol.. When its that time of the month, instead of
fighting with yer girl, get her a spoon and some frosting...

Damn.. Snow./ funfun but I can NOT drive in it.. I mean, Im
used to navigating throught wetness and am quite good at it
but this is ridiculous!! Lol *giggles*

Relationship Status:

Worship Me! Worship Me! Worship Me!

Get The Hell Away From Me!

Hmmmm... =)