Living Life On Life's Terms
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2002-01-10 13:37:02 (UTC)

Together Today

Yesterday my husband called and asked if we could get
together. We have been seeing each other for lunch twice a
week for about the last month, but this was for after work.

Anyway, we went to dinner, got a room and well you know the
rest. It felt as if I had been sent to heaven. Were still
not living together, but it's getting closer to a
reconciliation and my heart beats faster just thinking
about it. I love him. I have always loved him. And he
says: despite the fact we have been separated almost a
year, he loves me too.

Its a great day to be alive and well. But leaving him off
at work this morning was hard. Leaving him and going to my
own place where I live is always hard for me. I am not a
strong person since the separation, him leaving me - threw
my life into complete turbulence and I haven't been the
same since.

All I can do I hope and pray that things turn out well.

Everyone says I should have gotten over him - but no matter
what I did, who I tried to go out with, where I went - Mike
always has been and is the love of my life.

Pray for me.

Lynn King

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