One fucked up Life

my mind is fucked
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2001-04-13 04:27:21 (UTC)


Well, I got some Ashley(the
raverchick)...thanx for that feedback, you seem cool...nice
to know i'm not alone i guess....
And to the person who thinks they understand me becuz they
dont think medicines work and would rather have chicken
soup...... you dont understand, and i dont take medicine
for colds..i take medicine becuz i'm a fuckin psycho...but
whatever, still cool to get feedback...
And Ive had a few people ask hold old i am...i'm 15 years
old. But its amazing, i dont look or act it, no one has
ever believd me when i introduce myself and tell them my
age in person...I'm 5'7''...tall!, blonde hair, blue
eyes,about 115 lbs....i have my nose pierced and i have
bright red streaks going through my hair....its pretty
phat....i stomache hurts....i think i had too
much booze tonight...fuck, that sucks...

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