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antipodean delights...
2002-01-10 13:05:38 (UTC)

Re: Shifting Sand

(I didn't want to copy it there and here, after what you
said today on the phone.. I feel embarrassed. Did I talk
about things from people's diaries? Oh dear me.. And
double up on stuff? How embarrassing. Oh well.. If I read
things, or wrote things.. they then became part of my
thinking.. and so I talked about those things with you.
Umm.. does that sound feasible? :)

Anyhow.. regarding the whole 'shifting sand' thing. And
what you told me today about my sister and virg. boy as you
called him..

How come you come up with such patronising names for the
guys? lol

I shouldn't laugh.. I really was upset about this.

But what I wanted to tell you.. which I didn't tell my
sister, because it's nobody's business really, except virg
boy's (VB).

Ages ago (I'm talking a couple of years..) when bbm and I
were still really really involved in church, and we were
part of the leadership. Our senior pastor told us (which I
don't think he should have, and which is why I've never
gone to counselling with any pastor ever, because I just
don't trust anyone to keep a secret.) Well, he told us that
VB and his gf had had sex. And shared with us a bit of the
problems that was going on. (None of our business.)

So.. there you have it. A twist in the tale. Was that true?
Was VB just pretending to be VB? Can one fake that? (Well,
I suppose you could, if you were a male.)

The plot thickens. But has died away for lack of attention.

All that's left is a disillusioned little sister/long-time