stella's steamy paperback novel
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2002-01-10 11:53:31 (UTC)

it sure is

whoa i had the weirdest dream last night. i won't tell you
all about it, only that it included me in this crazy
advanced secret society and we went on an expedition and
crazy ennemi people were sneeking up on my and attacking
me at the mall when i was trying to get the OXO store, our
home base. (by the way, the OXO store was something i made
up in my dream, it doesn't exist)

so yeah i have a killler headache and part of my spanis
listening exam today. and to be quite honest i'd rather
have my left foot cut off then go to school. but oh well.
maybe i'll complain all day and get pity and treats from
my loving friends.

thanx for the messages rosie and shewy baby, very sweet!
methinks i should send this to many other people so i can
pretend like i have friends.

very good idea about the shewy being the king! i hate
money anyways. its a silly idea and it should die. excuse
my while i go make some cake......

well i need to go brush my teeth and proper my self up for
school. peace and love all

shewy es muy guapo y simpatico!
(that was spanish... what little spanish i know!)

xoxoxo love stella