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Who Cares?
2002-01-10 10:50:07 (UTC)

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I'm bored. I'm not working at the moment and it's less fun
than you'd think. At least when I was at work I had
something to do. I'm pissed off as well. My girlfriend is
pissing me off. She keeps saying one thing to me then
something totally different behind my back. Like I asked if
she wanted to come out with me at the weekend cos I'm going
to visit a friend, she said she'll think about it but she
then told her ex that she didnt want to go with me and then
she told me that she doesn't even like me when I'm with my
friends. For fucks sake, what am I supposed to do. It seems
like she can't stop herself from lying to me. If this is
how she really feels why does she bother to act all happy
and friendly around me? How fucking crap is that?!
So what do I do??? Nothing probably. Same as always. I'll
go out, she'll make up some excuse rather than be honest
then she'll go out with her ex once I'm out of the way.
Same old shit each time. And then she'll tell me she's
really happy being with me etc etc etc..... Maybe she is
happy enough when she's with me but I know she forgets me
the second she goes out with him. For some reason when he
takes her out and is nice to her and pays her compliments
it's special and means something but when I do it she just
takes it for granted. I guess that's the story of our
relationship, me just being taken for granted.
It's true what they say though, that you dont miss
something until it's gone. All of my ex's seemed to like
being with me but I let them go and stuck with the one who
doesn't. Life's a bitch eh?