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2002-01-10 09:45:57 (UTC)

found: Anti-Flag tour dates! YAY!

mood: Fuckin' happy! ^_^
music: 'Hey Jude' by The Beatles

YESSSS! after days and weeks of going to Anti-Flag's site
again and again like a pathetic lil something, the tour
dates for their east coast tour has been posted! They're
playing at Irving Plaza on April 8! they're playing with
Thought Riot, The Code, Strike Anywhere, and one other TBA
band. April 8 is a few months away, but I have no other
choice but to wait. I'm so excited though! I still
remember the last time I saw them.... the energy, the
sound, the politics, the unity...the blow to my nose from
the crowdsurfer.. how shitty I felt from that, but still
loved it anyway. *sigh!* its on a Monday, and unless we
have vacation then, I'll probably have to miss
Anthropology lecture. The class ends at 4... and hey, I
want to get there early so if I got to miss Anthro - then
so be it. I don't go to my classes 100% anyway. so fuck
it. I need someone to go with me though... doh, I don't
know anyone who likes 'em, let alone punk. last time I
went with Cindy and her boyfriend, but she'll be in
college upstate. maybe I can get Jonathan to go with me,
lol. Arpana won't, well she said she might if its not too
late, but she doesn't like punk. Umm.. well if I don't
find anyone, I'll go alone. I don't care, as long as I go.
well, I'm leaving on a happy note, weeeeeeeeee.