shifting mists
2002-01-10 07:13:06 (UTC)

employment .. the looming horizon .. and frustration ...

~sighing~ ... damnit ... i'm screaming inside in
frustration .... it's NO FAIR!!! ...

... i was offered a job today ... by the place that i go
to for my Domestic Violence counseling .... they offered
to hire me full-time as a live-in advocate at their
shelter ... which means, essentially, that they would be
PaYinG Me to live there ... NO rent ... NO household
bills ... NO grocery bills ... and paying me $500/month
just to LIVE there and watch over the place and be
supportive to the other people who come there ... five
days a week as an advocate then two days off to just do
whatever ...

DAMNIT!!! ... it'd be perfect! ... it'd give me the
experience i've been wanting in the advocacy field and
EvErYthInG!! ... and i had to turn it down cuz of the
damned hospital stay for my back that's coming up ....
~sighing~ .... ***** said she'd do what she could to get
the job open again when i get out of the hospital .. but
i worry that she won't be able to and i REALLY wanted this
job ... ~sighing frown~ .... but my back and my health are
more important and have to come first, so i had to think
rationally and choose the hospital stay instead of the
job ....

... i've been searching for a job for 10 months with not
one offer ... and now one fall square into my lap JUST
when i can't snatch it up and take it .... ~shaking my
head sighing~ ... 'tis a huge compliment that they wanted
me and made me feel good inside ... at the same time, i'm
so disappointed in having to turn it down ....

... i so very much hope it's still available to me when i
get out of the hospital ... it would give me somewhere safe
and comfortable live AND an income to pay what bills i hold
currently ...

~fading into the shadows with a little sigh and a pOut~