Rockin' in the Free World
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2002-01-10 07:11:00 (UTC)

Startin' Out

Well, since this is my first entry into this public online
journal, I prefer to call it a journal seeing as "diary"
seems to be a feminine word, I will just give you a basic
rundown on who I am.

I am a 18 year old guy, I go to Long Beach State
University in Southern California. My school is great, but
a large departure from the education I have grown
acustom to. I went to a small, 400 student, all male
high school in Encino. If you have never heard of
Encino, I suggest you watch "Encino Man" starring
Pauly Shore, and "Karate Kid: Part One" which is one of
the best movies ever. Going to a very large, 35,000
student, University was kinda weird for awhile, mostly
because I have not been in the same classroom as girl
for 4 years. It was pretty hard to concentrate with so
many hot girls around me. The male to female ratio at
LBSU is 7/1. On top of that, LBSU was rated #1 school
for hot girls a year ago. Well, enough about my school.

I am a very active person. I love nature... hiking,
camping, rockclimbing, cliffdiving, skateboarding,
snowboarding, bodyboarding... I do it all. Another thing I
am really into is Dancing, I love to dance, I dance
around my house, down the street, wherever. My
favorite plce to dance, though, is the DDR machines at
the local arcades. For those of you who have never
heard of DDR, its a game where you have to use
eye-foot coordination to hit certain arrows on the ground
"dance pad" to match arrows on the screen. I started
DDRing about a year ago, and not to sound
egotistical... but I think I'm pretty damn good. The
difficulty is rated in feet (from 1-10), and I can do pretty
much any 7 foot song, and a couple 8 foot songs.Some
of my favorite songs are: "Dam Dariram", "Do it all
Night", "Temple of Love", "B2U", "Cowgirl", and

Seeing as I am a part of the male population, I think its
pretty normal that I am obsessed with automobiles. It
must be part of my gene's because my father loves
cars. He has a black 1963 Porsche 356 Coupe, and an
ivory 1959 Porsche 356 Cabriolet. So its pretty obvious
he is really into Porsche's. I am into import cars mostly.
I own a red 1992 Honda Prelude Si that I have been
modifying to my liking. That consists of lowering it with
a coilover suspension, putting on lightweight 17" O.Z.
Superleggera wheels, and doing the farely normal
intake, header and exhaust replacements. I am trying to
make it as JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) as
possible. I am a part of www.hondaprelude.com, and
www.preludeonline.com. Thats it for now about my car.

Now for the most important part of my life, my love,
Kristen. Kristen is the first girlfriend I have actually
loved. I hardly tell anyone that I love them because the
word "love" means alot to me, its not just something I
throw around like some other people I know. It was one
of the happiest moments of my life when she told me
that she loved me too. She is beautiful, whether she
thinks so or not, and I make sure to let her know that
she is as much as I can. Kristen makes me truly happy.
She means the world to me, I love her more than I
could ever express is words.

Well, I won't bore you with anymore in this entry... Check
ya later.

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