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2002-01-10 03:30:05 (UTC)

All days are beauty - lonely streets of my home town

Whatever weather days are beauty. No people could see in
streets of my home town. I think every people made some
trip to no ever.
I am hearing Bongiovi power station years radio in some
national server. It is a real player or windows media
server. Who want is world wide web dot usinadosom dot com
dot br : )
search for Bongiovi artist and close any other windows media
player device before start playing online radio. Because
codecs can crash all windows if at a time.
There is some silent war in my home town. Lies and other
things because I cannot see enemies. I noticed that I do
not see my friends even if I want.
Tomorrow with new oppornuties and a diary with no candy
stories about friends. I liked the song More than we bargained for
Because it seems to be my last days in lonely streets of
my home town.