Book of Shadow and Light
2002-01-10 06:15:20 (UTC)

How Refreshing.

How goes it?

The last two days have been rather uneventful, but at the
same time have kept me quite busy with school and such so
I'm sure you understand me not being able to write anything.

I've been feeling a bit trapped by school lately, but now
as the six-weeks is over I'm gonna just move forward and
start over fresh. I'll just have to be content with my
grades. (Why is my only true failing any math that I take?
I'm HOPING for a D in Algebra II.) I'll just have to
ingnore my parents when they hollar about it and just do
better. Not for them, never for anyone else, but for me. I
think that is also why I can ignore family-sent insults so
easy. To be rather blunt; I don't care what they think. I'm all about
constructive criticism in no matter what I am aiming for, but what
parents often end up giving does nothing, but give rise to anger.

Well, all of that side I have just finished FAITH OF THE
FALLEN by Terry Goodkind. This book receives my highest
praise, just as Mr. Goodkind himself has for years. He is a
magnificent writer and after reading interviews of him my
respect of the man has only grew. I strive to write and
one day I wish to be like this man. He holds many of the
ideals that I myself hold and he just puts so much into his
writing. He is truly great. FAITH OF THE FALLEN will,
however, have to be my favorite book of his so far. It was
truly a story of the human spirit. You read any of his
books--Wizards First Rule is recommended at first, as it is
always best to start at the beginning, heh--and you'll see
what I mean. As a matter of act here is an interview that
he chose to take part in during the year of 1997 after the
release of TEMPLE OF THE WINDS, I believe.

He is definitely one of my literary idols and I hold him in
the utmost respect. I hope that some day a 16 year-old--or
anyone!--will say something similar about me.

Well, I've given a marvelous writer a bit of praise and
given a slight report of my life. I am really rather tired
so I shall now retire to my nice water bed.

Good Night and Goddess Bless
James (Drinin)