One fucked up Life

my mind is fucked
2001-04-13 03:27:40 (UTC)

UGH,,,new meds

my mother just informed me that my prescription should be
ready at CVS. My psychiatrist just put me on Prozac because
the Paxil I was taken wasnt being used properly, I kept
forgetting to take it and shit and it was messing me all
up. So supposedly the Prozac is supposed to stay in your
system longer so i dont have to take it as often and it
wouldnt mess me up so much if i missed one here and I GUESS thats a good thing? I'm so sick of
medication....they obviously dont work? what do u think? My
little brother just came down and asked for a lighter so he
can go upstairs and smoke up with his friends....god, my 13
year old brother is smoking weed...thats fuct...i cant help
but think i'm influencing him....i feel so much guilt becuz
of that, but i cant help the way i am...i wish i could
change....but its impossible at this point, ive tried
everything...i'm just a fuck up
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life sux then you die

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