2001-04-13 03:27:11 (UTC)

today and the rest of it all

hmm... i thought about perhaps leaving this, with just my
one extremely long and uninteresting entry, but i did sign
up for them to remind me of this, and i did and still do
wish to do this... so it's kinda weird that i only half
want to sit here and write.
hehe, sitting here unloading my thoughts to a blank piece
of paper, or rather, a blank screen. funny.

welps, today is a cool day, no more school for a week and a
half, easter break. too bad that my teachers had to go and
assign all this evil hmwk... i know i'm going to
procrastinate horribly.

tomorrow i'm going out with ian. ^_^ he's so nice to me, my
kawaii ellon. ::sigh:: i don't know where we're going,
which is really sweet, he wants to surprise me. ^_^ i
wonder if he's interested in some of the manga lauren's
given me... he usually talks more about anime than manga,
cuz at his school there's an anime club and they meet on
thursdays during lunch period. pretty cool if i do say so
myself... it has been nice to be able to laugh and smile
more freely lately, and being with him just allows me to do
that more. i have really enjoyed getting introduced to
dungeons and dragons, and he seems intent on getting me
into roleplaying games. it's funny, because i used to hate
acting or doing anything that would draw attention to
myself, but roleplaying is quite fun. hmm... i should go
read more of the d&d manual... o, but i have to finish one
pound gospel first! and all those books from the library...
hehe. i have a whole week free! so that shouldn't be much
of a problem, even if i do have to redo my history paper...
tis cool that i got a b on that. i'm glad it's not THAT

welps, that's about all for now, i can't think of much more
to say and what i have said is nothing intelligent,
graceful, or profound. hope all is well with you, love and
prayers always