Mysterious Attitude
2001-04-13 03:25:50 (UTC)

Thursday April 12, 2001

Today all I did was go to school... and then go out with my
aunt drivin around town ... and while I was in the car with
her my damn pager clip broke.. and ABC is tellin me that no
one has replacement cases 4 them.. I'm like why the fuck r
u sellin them then?? So tomorrow my mom is goin down there
and tell them to fix my pager... if not.. I guess I will
have to buy a new one... = / Well after all that shit
happenin my aunt picked up her friend Na-Na and her son
Billy.. who I don't like much... and honestly I don't even
know why I don't like the boy but anywho..Renee wanted to
go to Bath & Body ... so she could get some thingz.. (I got
me some purple glitter perfume and roll on glitter to match
hehe) so me and Billy went in and hey.. he isn't so bad
really..Maybe I just didn't give him a chance who knows?
I have been tryin to hook up this damn cd burner but I
don't know where the cords go.. So I gotta call up Joe or
someone and see if they know how to do it...wish me luck..
if not.. im fucked I guess... = /

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