The Life & Times of Alison
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2002-01-10 05:15:47 (UTC)

Good things...

Hmmm... In my constant quest for positive things... here
are some good things that I think will happen, or have

I think that Phi Sigma Sigma is going to do well in
recruitment this semester and I may get a 3 little.

My dog is really cute... thats always good.

I went to look at cats today, but there werent any at the
store... I just wanted to hold one... but there will be
next week!

Im trying to not notice the sucky-ness of Clarion, and
think about the good things like... uh... we have a damn
fine education program!

I had Starbucks...

My moms car didnt die on the trip to Clarion today.

Man I love Starbucks!

My 2 just IMed me!

I went to the 'teacher' store today, saw loads of Harry
Potter stuff... and lots of fun teacher things that I want
right now...


Im getting used to my bright red hair...

My mom went swimming...

uh... what I could give for a nice venti vanilla latte from
Starbucks right now... I could live off of them...
although... the quicker I sleep... the quicker the place
opens... hmmm...

Mom might go for Lattes with me tomorrow! Yea we can talk!

I love fun internet people.

My roomie is a nut ball.

Matt Caplan is so fricken wonderful!

I love all of the FTYCWP people, and the GCers too!

well... Im going to go... I think thats enough cheering up
for me!

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