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2002-01-10 05:07:20 (UTC)

Bad day

Oh, my sweetie had such a bad day. They had him down in the
very bottom of the ship all day in this tiny room, where
it's like 110 degrees, sanding off the floor covering while
crammed in with two other guys. Then they had to put primer
on while wearing masks, but you could still smell it too
strong, and he hit his head hard and was bleeding all over
the place.
My baby...I wish I was there to make him feel better.
I love him so much.

Spring semester starts in a week. We had such a nice long
break. I'm taking an astronomy class, and I didn't find out
until after I signed up that it's three hours long...ugh.
It will be so hard to not fall asleep. Hopefully, I'll meet
at least one person that I really connect with this
semester, that I can do things with outside of class. It
would be nice to have friends here besides my boyfriend,
although I love spending time with him always.

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